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The decorated garden in the park curb appeal Mulch around a Tree

Feed your plants and trees with our amazing, nutrient-dense topsoil and watch them grow!


Discuss your plants with our knowledgeable staff and we will help you find the perfect topsoil mix for your lawn and garden, from rich garden mixes to moisture retaining

mulch and everything in between.

Get great topsoil mixes

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order for your topsoil,

barkdust, or stone.

Add our all natural barkdust to your lawn and garden for amazing, long-lasting benefits. It helps prevent disease, maintains healthy soil pH levels, and retains moisture to help your plants even through the driest weeks.


Choose from a variety of barkdust options including all natural fir and hemlock.

All natural benefits

Find the amazing benefits of barkdust

Nothing brings out the delicate beauty of your plants and flowers like the solid hardscaping options of crushed rock and decorative stone.


Explore our amazing selection including basalt, large decorative stones, crushed river rock, and more. All rock fill and decorative stones can even be delivered right to you.

Choose from our great rock selection

Are you wondering what the best options are for your landscape? Discuss it with our knowledgeable, experienced staff and we'll help you find the perfect additions to fit your lawn, your garden, and your budget.

Beautify your lawn and garden

Get everything you need to maintain your lawn and garden from our full selection of topsoil, barkdust, decorative stone, and gardening supplies. Visit Schlegel Barkdust today!

Nutrient-dense topsoil

Beautiful hardscaping options